07 February 2014

Free February 21-Day Yoga & Stretching Challenge Download

Welcome to HybridCrunch! I'll get to a post on why I'm "rebranding" my site later, but for now I wanted to share my free 21-Day February Yoga Challenge. We're starting this among my friends and co-workers, but why not share it with my blog followers?  

It supposedly takes 21 days to create a habit, so let's create a habit of stretching daily, even if for just ten minutes. I know that when I am consistent with a brief session of stretching or yoga, my pain and tension is decreased or eliminated. As a massage therapist, I use stretching in my client sessions and suggest it for self-care after sessions. If you want to jump-start your habit, feel free to use this handy PDF chart: 21-Day Yoga Challenge February 2014.

The PDF has short URL links to 10-minute (approximately) routines for yoga and stretching. These are via Youtube and do not belong to HybridCrunch. Feel free to use your own routines or other media, videos, DVDs, personal instruction, etc.

Let me know how it goes!

HEALTH INFORMATION DISCLAIMER: Always consult a doctor before starting any exercise regimen and use your own common sense. All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. We cannot and do not give medical advice. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before purchasing any product(s). The information here should not be considered complete and should not be used in place of a visit, call, consultation or advice of your physician or other health care provider. Should you have any health care-related questions, please call or see your physician or other health care provider promptly. 

08 November 2013

Blogging Siesta

I'm going to take an indefinite blogging siesta in an effort to refocus for the coming new year. When you've done something for 13 years, it's hard to give it up! But I think it's necessary. I'll still be on Twitter and Instagram. Gimme a shout over there! (Especially if you want Wellby pics!)

15 October 2013

Fall Gratitude

It has been a while since I wrote a Gratitude post, or "paid my gratidues" as it were. As a matter of fact, it was about this time last year when I wrote about Nesting Gratitude. A little dose of fall gratitude is well overdue. (Along with a few photos I've taken of the non-Wellby sort. I do still occasionally take those. There's a list of what each photo is at the bottom of the post.)

Gratidues #469 - 484

469. Nine months today with our little boy
470. Walks around the neighborhood
471. Little Free Libraries in the neighborhood
472. Neighbors in the Halloween spirit
473. Neighbor kids still playing together in a big group outside, even though it's fall
474. The little girl across the street who dotes on Winfield
475. Impending dinners with friends this week
476. Games party in a week or two
477. Sister and nephews visiting
478. Friends with car diagnostic computers <3
479. New opportunities this week
480. Nate getting together with the boys on Tuesdays
481. Quiet "mommy" time with a proper cup of tea
482. Getting by
483. The Spirit stirring things up in me/us
484. Every day a new chance

Photos are all by Carrie.
1) American Flag in Bloomfield Hills on the way to pick Nate up from work
2) Art sculpture on Livernois in Ferndale
3) Flower on our evening family walk last week
4) Halloween ghosts hanging from a neighborhood tree
5) Israeli couscous and vegetables for tonight's vegetarian dinner... where I may or may not have spilled red pepper flakes. Burn!

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07 October 2013

The Wellby Adventure: Month 8

Oh Winfield, you are something special. This month I'll write this post to you directly! You are getting so big, buddy. We are having so much fun with you as you try to crawl and pull to stand and basically explore your world from ground-level. You're still not SUPER mobile, but you play and entertain yourself and have fun with us and alone, so we say you're pretty darn fun! (The ladies in the nursery at church think so, too, even though in one more week you'll be graduating to the next room. Aww!)

This month you got a new ducky bathtub because mom and dad were kind of tired of getting naked to give you a bath. Plus, daddy hurt his finger and had to have surgery, so it's easier for mommy to bathe you by herself using this awesome duck. Plus... Hello! You LOVE it! You kickkickkick and splash with your toys. 

You've been playing a LOT lately. We saw some plastic bins at the Dollar Tree to sort your toys and when we created our play room, you discovered that dumping them out was pretty much the "funnest" thing you could do. So we keep one small bin in the living room and three in your play room. Dump them out, fill them up, dump them out... Repeat!


You also found out that you truly enjoy playing with rings and blocks. Rings are currently your favorite, but when we visited our friends Brian and Julie, they let you go nuts with the MegaBloks and you were a FAN! Stacking, sorting and passing rings and blocks back and forth are very fun for you.

So now that we talked about the thing you like the most, let's talk about the thing you like the very least: Napping in your crib. You'll sleep in your crib at night and you'll nap next to mommy easily, but napping alone in your crib does not go over well. You cry and cry and cry and cry... Mommy hates to hear you miserable! We're trying different things like darkening the room, singing, story time, white noise, etc. but you aren't having any of it. One day you fell asleep sitting up in your crib. (I snapped this photo just before I rolled you over.)

One other thing you're not a huge fan of is teething. But luckily for now we seem to be doing okay, because you popped two teeth out in the last week. Your right, lower incisor came in and the next day the left one came in. They're just grazing the surface of your gums, but you feel a bunch better... and now you like to chew more! Here is a picture of your gums just before the tooth burst through. I love this smile!

Here's another thing you love: DADDY! Oh man, you are such a fan of your papa, I can't tell you how much I love seeing the two of you laugh and play together. Here is a picture of you two before he hurt his finger:

We've had a lot of family adventures this month, too. We went to the Down Syndrome Guild of SE Michigan "Step Up for Down Syndrome" walk at the Palace of Auburn Hills for mommy's birthday. When we were there we saw friends and met some interesting people. We also really enjoyed just being together on mommy's birthday weekend.

You still like to be carried in the mei tai carrier and in the ring sling. Mommy likes you cuddling close!

Here is daddy holding you up to take a picture with the Storm Trooper from Star Wars. We laughed at this picture because it looks like you said, "That's okay man, I've got this one. Stand back!" The Storm Trooper went over better than Boba Fett, who scared you a little bit. (Mommy was not a fan of the Tusken Raiders... They wigged me out.)

Lastly, you really seem to enjoy hanging out at home. I really like hanging out and playing with you. Here you are on your flip-out couch. You're outgrowing ALL of your other seats, so we were able to get this at a $teal a couple weekends ago.

And when you aren't trying to crawl forward (not quite!) you're crying for mommy and daddy to put out their hands so you can pull yourself up. THAT is what you like to do the most. You feel so accomplished and smiley when you pull yourself up. Sometimes you even try to let go of a hand, but most of the time you end up on your bottom!

Speaking of being on your bottom, you finally started paying attention to the television. Umm... This means mommy and daddy need to pay more careful attention to what is on when you're up. We watch an hour of PBS together in the mornings (and sometimes mommy can do the dishes... bonus!), usually "Super WHY!" and "Dinosaur Train" before we turn it off and play together for the day. You really, really like "Super WHY!" and mom and dad like it because it teaches sight words and spelling.

Well, you're pretty close to nine months old! So we'll have another update next month after you go to the doctor for your 9-month Well Baby visit. I can't wait to see what happens in the next month!


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05 September 2013

Seven Months In: The Wellbster!

Somehow this month I started calling Winfield (a.k.a. "Wellby") "The Wellbster". Poor, poor child.

The Wellbster

So... No teeth yet. You can see teeth in the photo above, but they haven't poked on through. They've been threatening off and on now for months, but they're taking their sweet time. The better it is for biting injuries, no? Yes.

This month has been amazing for "firsts," despite no teeth and no crawling. 

We've been on solids for about two months, but he is loving cereal mixed with veggies and fruits. In addition, he's starting to eat teeny-tiny bits of "real" food, like sushi rice, itty-bitty cucumbers, watermelon, and so forth. He, um, enjoys his food THOROUGHLY.

Speaking of food...

When Wellby gets shots at the doctor, they give him a "prescription" card for 1 free scoop of sorbet at Treat Dreams in Ferndale. Bonus! This was his first-ever sorbet. He had about three "tester" spoons full and mom, daddy and Grandma Mary Ann ate the rest.

He approved!

We also took another trip to the zoo this month, but we got to bring DADDY, which was a true delight for both Winfield and myself. Plus, we got to use the membership Grandma bought us again. The membership is nice because you can use the special "Gate B" entrance at the Detroit Zoo, which spits you out half-way through the zoo, by the carousel. 

He was super-amused.

Actually in the tunnel with daddy, he WAS super-amused. The colors were pretty awesome. They were looking at the seals because the polar bears were up top, pacing back and forth.

And he got to ride on a penguin during his first-even carousel ride. He kept kicking his legs and bouncing up and down. I'll say it was a true pleasure. (Mommy had to focus on the baby, because looking up was, um, dizzying to say the least. I don't do well on any carnival rides, even benign ones.)

Even though we get out and do a lot of stuff, brothaman still needs to take naps. He usually takes a nap from 9:30-11/11:30 and then 1:30/2-4 or so each day. I love these nap times, whether I need to catch a few Z's or get stuff done around the house. But he. Does. NOT. Want. To. Nap... Until he falls asleep and then he's okay with it.


Usually though, he wakes up "on the right side of the nap," as I say. As evidenced by:

Extraordinary cuteness! Look at that eye gleam!

Wellby has also gone to the vet for the first time. (Twice, one Monday with the cat and one Wednesday with the dog.) The dog Bruce was definitely insistent about sticking to Wellby's side. "I know what they can do to you, kid. Stay by me and we'll protect each other."

We've also had play dates with new friends!

Here is Wellby with his "big kid" friend BB. My friend Laura's girls LOVED the "baby boy" and he loved them right back.

We got a visit from Zakarias and his mommy and daddy Malene and Jesper, our friends from Denmark. Here is a lovely animal counting book. Wellby doesn't care that it's in Danish. he loves the photos, but like all books his favorite thing is to hold it and close the book. You can do that in any language. ;-)

He also has weekly play dates in the nursery at church. Last week, he played with baby I., who is around his age (but a bit older, I think). They are developmentally about the same and they spent several minutes petting each other's hair. Here is a pic of Wellby petting her hair. (They did also hit each other's faces, but it was curiosity and lack of coordination. At least they evened it out and did it to each other.) They are both very mellow babies. Love both of those kiddos! (I serve in the nursery biweekly.)

And lastly but not least-ly, we took a trip to Inglenook Park in Southfield last week and Wellby "slid" on the slide, "swung" in the swing, and "bounced" on the bouncer. I have those in quotes, because mommy basically held him while doing each thing... He's still about 9 months too small to do it all by himself. BUT... He still had a blast and, despite a serious look on his face, he enjoyed swinging the most.

This month has been pretty fun. I had to buy a little, fluffy helmet for our daredevil, as he's prone to nose-diving on the hardwood floor and has a seemingly permanent unicorn horn from his endeavors. He is fussy with naps and is in the middle of a sniffly cold at present. He likes to have my sing to him before he goes down permanently for the night. About five minutes of various songs put him in the zone. We sing nursery rhymes, hymns, and popular songs like Tom Petty, Counting Crows, Janis Joplin and Jill Sobule. (Well, popular to mommy anyway.) And daddy even sings The Rentals' "Friends of P", which cracks me up.

I love doing life with both of the men in my life. And Wellby, or The Wellbster, is a constant source of joy!


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